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TORLYS Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer.

A Floor’s Best Friend.


The TORLYS BullDog™ Easy Plank Replacer is a unique innovation that is exclusive to TORLYS and allows you to replace a single damaged Smart Floor plank easily and quickly.

Bulldog™ Certified Floors

Reusable. Repairable. Renewable.

TORLYS Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer allows you to:

  • Fix damage quickly and easily.
  • Replace a damaged plank, not your entire floor without the use of glue or nails.
  • Renew your floor without sanding or refinishing.

See the Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer in action in our viral TikTok demonstration… Half a million views and counting!

The best part about the Bulldog is that virtually anyone can learn how to use it! You won’t need to hire someone else to do it, you can put on your DIY hat and replace your own floors. Watch our Bulldog video on YouTube and see the tool in action in our viral TikTok.

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Learn more about why the Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer is your Floor’s Best Friend.

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