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TORLYS CorkXP & CorkWoodXP

Smarter Design. Better Performance. More Sustainable.

Walk on Air with TORLYS CorkXP

As the longtime leader in cork flooring, TORLYS CorkXP & CorkWoodXP offers better performance, smarter design and is more sustainable than conventional cork floors. Along with the warmth and comfort you’ve grown to expect from cork, XP floors raises the bar with waterproof and antimicrobial protection, backed by TORLYS S.M.A.R.T. warranty.

TORLYS Smart Floors CorkWoodXP Collections

Using cutting edge printing technology to create the beauty of hardwood, the durability of laminate, and the warmth and comfort of cork, this waterproof collection can be installed anywhere in the home.

TORLYS Smart Floors CorkXPCollections

Carefully crafted with style in mind to look and feel great, CorkXP and Cork Vista features built-in antimicrobial technology and is smart engineered to be installed transition free in spaces up to 50’ x 50’ for a stunning and seamless look.